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So you have more money.

Because we think you should keep more of what you make.


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Pay Less Taxes


Be More Profitable

Taxes: No one loves them.

But 90% of businesses pay too much.

Finding all available breaks is time-consuming.

There’s a nagging feeling that the tax bill is too high.

There’s no specialist focused exclusively on all available credits.

It’s time to stop paying so much in taxes so you can keep more profit.

If 90% pay too much, only 10% get it right.

Join the top 10%.

You should keep more of the money you make. McMillian & Associates specializes in finding the credits you deserve, giving you more bottom line dollars. The best part? Our team does the work while you reap the rewards.

We’ve done it since 1998, and we’re ready to help you today.

Saving More money takes just three steps.


Schedule a call

We discuss how we capture every tax credit opportunity.


We go to work

We research and secure your State and Federal tax credits.


You keep more profits

With your tax credits secured,
we grow your bottom line.

MCA Tax Credits Checklist Cover

Are you capturing all available tax credits?

Did you know the pandemic created more opportunity to keep your profits? Companies have more potential than ever to keep their money.
Download the Tax Credit Checklist to see ways you can save big this year. 

get the McMillian Advantage.

  • We do the work for you because you already have enough to do.
  • We work with your CPA so everything is seamless.
  • We keep you up to date so you are never in the dark.
  • We find all your tax credits so you can keep your profits.
McMillian & Associates Get The McMillian Advantage

We’ve helped thousands of businesses in dozens of industries put tens of millions back in their pockets.

Love your CPA? So do we.

We don’t replace them. We work with them to find all the savings you deserve.

Picture this:
you just filed your taxes and you’re thrilled.

You’re thrilled because you got tax credits you didn’t expect. Now your employees get bonuses, you invest in something on your company wish list, or you take a vacation. You decide what to do with your larger bottom line.

Most businesses don't realize they pay too much in taxes. At McMillian & Associates, our experts find all the tax credits you deserve, sending more money to your bottom line.

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