3 Secrets to Maintaining Momentum

We’ve all seen it before: we implement a new strategy at work, we make it part of our routines, it sticks for a little while, but soon things revert back to the “safe” way they were before. Maintaining momentum at work isn’t just a good strategy; it also makes for a great work culture.

“If it’s not fun and it’s not interesting, the project loses momentum.” -David McMillian

Here are our 3 secrets to maintain momentum:

  1. Make it simple and efficient. If it’s not easy, it won’t get done. Establishing systems and processes to encourage efficiency makes things a lot easier to maintain.
  2. Make it fun. Reinforce the work being accomplished. Rewards, incentives, and ways to connect the team over a shared goal all help remind workers of the “why” behind it.
  3. Make it win-win. Make sure your employees know that when certain processes are implemented and goals are achieved, it’s not just the company that wins; it’s everybody. The best leaders don’t just put processes in place; they maintain momentum and make sure everyone benefits.

Momentum brings energy to a group and can make or break a team. How do you maintain momentum? Chidobe Awuzie Womens Jersey



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