4 Secrets to Hiring the Best Employees

Are you contemplating hiring a new employee for your business? The decision to hire someone new, especially for a brand new position, is not an easy one. While a great hire can make a huge difference for your company, a bad hire can be destructive.

Here are 4 things to think about when hiring new employees:

  1. Culture – Great employees are attracted to companies with great culture. Is your culture one that attracts others
  2. Understand the role – What skills are required for this particular role? What type of personality is required? Understand what you want in the new hire before you start looking. Having a clear set of goals will make the hiring process a little easier.
  3. Use others throughout the interview process – It always helps to get more than one opinion on a person. Using others in the office, especially those outside of the department, will help you see things you may not have otherwise.
  4. Know what’s most important to the candidate – What do they keep bringing up? Is it the salary? What do they think about dress code? How do they talk when it comes to any previous employers. You can learn a lot by listening to the subtle clues a person gives off in an interview.

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