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We help CPAs find more tax credits for their clients.


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Lower their taxes


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Tax credits. They’re great for your clients, but:

– It means a lot of additional work for you at tax time

– Your clients have to do research and furnish tons of data 

– Tax complexity makes it difficult to be an expert in everything

the tax time hero

We help you deliver good news to your clients

Your clients should have the best. And that means they should get every single tax credit they deserve. Since 1998, we’ve helped companies add more money to their bottom line.

The best part? We do all the work and make you look like a hero.

Saving money for your clients was never so simple.


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You lowered your client’s tax bill without doing more work.

get The McMillian Advantage.

  • We work with you to deliver killer results for your clients.
  • We keep you up to date so you’re never in the dark.
  • We stay in our lane so your clients love you more.
  • We deliver on time so you never have to wait on us.
make tax credits painless

We’ve helped thousands of businesses in dozens of industries put tens of millions back in their pockets.

Picture this:
You filed your client’s taxes and they love you even more.

You helped your client add more money to their bottom line. Now they made more money without doing any work, and you’re the hero they deserve.That happens when you partner with McMillian & Associates.

Schedule a call and discover how to make the dream a reality.

Most businesses don't realize they pay too much in taxes. At McMillian & Associates, our experts find all the tax credits you deserve, sending more money to your bottom line.

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