Engaging your team

Engaging team members is vital to having a successful work culture where employees want to come to work each day. With so many competing companies today, how do you set your company apart?

Here are a few tips to keep your employees engaged:

  • Focus on the “why.” Does your company have a mission statement and a set of goals? Every employee should be able to recite (and understand) the goals and mission of the company.
  • Keep your employees updated. Sharing internal updates and company progress can help remind employees that they’re valued and an important part of the company, which can, in turn, motivate them even more.
  • Celebrate wins. All wins should be celebrated — both company wins and personal wins. Companies that invest in their employees and show interest in their progress have a stronger company culture AND happier employees. Plus, who doesn’t love a reason to celebrate?
  • Welcome honest feedback. You’ll never know what your employees think if you don’t ask them. Find out what aspects they enjoy and which they’d rather do without. Show them that their feedback is always taken into consideration.
  • Provide ongoing coaching and mentorship programs. Give employees the chance to ask questions and to improve their overall performance at work. A good employee will always strive to do better and will welcome challenges and feedback.

Engaging your employees is a fun (and free!) way to ensure your employees are happy and motivated to do their best work. How do you keep your employees engaged? Muhammad Wilkerson Authentic Jersey



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