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Most states and the federal government use tax credits and incentives to encourage economic development. These tools are designed to attract and retain businesses. Tax Credits are gaining more traction and notoriety around the country. Whether it’s Georgia’s booming movie industry, Texas’ technology growth, Alabama’s automobile manufacturing sector, business friendly states have grown their economies through strategic tax credits and incentives.

Connecting the Dots

Despite the power of those major stories, most businesses we meet have never heard of tax credits or know what tax credits apply to their industry. According to leading industry sources, less than 20% of companies take advantage of all available state and federal tax credits. So, what’s the disconnect? Most of these programs are not actively marketed by the government to the majority of businesses. In addition, the compliance, documentation requirements, and expertise needed to capture tax credits, prevents most companies from moving forward.

Connecting the Dots
Types of Tax Credits

Types of Tax Credits

While every state is different, the guiding principle is that business activities create tax credit opportunities. Depending on your organization’s industry, location, or activities, you will be eligible for different tax credit opportunities. Our goal is to capture every tax credit opportunity regardless of size, location, or industry. Below are several types of State & Federal Tax Credits available:

  • Training/Retraining Tax Credits
  • Research & Development Tax Credits
  • Location-Based (Enterprise Zones, Opportunity Zones, Empowerment Zones) Tax Credits
  • Investment/Capital Expenditure Tax Credits
  • Job Growth Tax Credits
  • New Hire Tax Credits
  • Energy Tax Credits

Each tax credit has it’s own set of regulations, compliance, and requirements. Our team helps your organization capture the tax credits through our custom process below.

The Process



We want you to understand the opportunities tax credits can create for your business. We take a unique approach to create organizational alignment by starting with why.



Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible by partnering together. We combine custom technology & process with dedicated support to reduce your administrative burden.



Our expert team will help implement ideas to find more money through key reporting, best practices, industry experience, and on-going client reviews.



We’ll continue to engage with your team at strategic points during the year to maximize tax credits by building simple & smart systems into your organizational culture



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