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When businesses keep more profit, they have more money to hire people, pay them more, and invest back into their business.

We think that’s a good thing.

Since 1998, we’ve helped thousands of businesses keep millions of dollars in profit.

From Fortune 500 brands to mom & pop shops, our team knows how to help companies get more State & Federal Tax Credits. Why does this matter? When you keep more of the money you made, you have more capital to grow a stronger business.

get the McMillian Advantage.

  • We do the work for you because you already have enough to do.
  • We work with your CPA so everything is seamless.
  • We keep you up to date so you are never in the dark.
  • We find all your tax credits so you can keep your profits.

Trusted by some of the best brands


From local restaurants to national companies,

we help everyone find all tax credits so they keep more profit

Meet the team guiding you through the tax credit process. 

David McMillian

David McMillian


Shane McMillian

Shane McMillian

VP, Internal Operations

Nick Vitale

Nick Vitale

Client Services Leader

Most businesses don't realize they pay too much in taxes. At McMillian & Associates, our experts find all the tax credits you deserve, sending more money to your bottom line.

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