What’s the Disconnect?

Most businesses we speak with have never heard of tax credits. In fact, we’ve never met a company that was pursuing every tax credit opportunity available to them.

What’s the disconnect? Here are some reasons most companies don’t pursue tax credits:

  • Unawareness. It all starts with awareness. State and Federal governments don’t actively market tax credits to all available businesses. Due to limited resources and marketing expertise, only the biggest companies are typically targeted. That means it’s up to individual businesses to find the appropriate tax credits.
  • Fear of the unknown. People don’t typically know where to start. Rather than doing research, many simply choose not to pursue tax credits.
  • CPA firms. Many CPA firms are not set up to consult on these issues, so returns often get processed without savings.
  • Time. Many people think that pursuing tax credits means more work for them. The truth is, you can either work smart or work hard.

Maximizing tax credits is possible. A small amount of planning and initial work upfront will allow you to continuously reap dividends in the future. Need some help getting started? We’d love to help — and we won’t get paid until we find you credits!

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